ATTN: Healers, Teachers, Intuitives, Therapists, Bodyworkers, Spiritual Seekers

  • Do you long for more consistent clarity and Soul connection so you can take courageous action in alignment with the wisdom of your Higher Mind?
  • Are you having trouble getting the “monkey mind” to quiet down so you can think clearly and focus on your goals?
  • Is your energy scattered and inconsistent so that you are having trouble staying positive and on track?
  • Are you needing more courage to live a life of passion and purpose?

If you answered YES to any of these, you will certainly enjoy this FREE audio program with Kumari, where she will share with you key reasons why you are not experiencing more consistent connectedness and how to unleash the Divine Light and Pure Potential that you are!

Find out why your energy is often not in the Present, and how this is keeping you from accessing your full power — to heal and to manifest and co-create your dreams.
Uncover why you get pulled off-center and how you can once again align with the Center of your Being (an actual “place and space”) so you can fully access your power and spiritual connection.

In this audio program, you will learn simple yet profound energy management tools to help you access the wisdom within you, and to feel calm, anchored, and “in the flow.”

Ease, Freedom and Accomplishment are within your reach when you know how to clear the negative emotions and beliefs of others and find your true Alignment to your divine nature.

In this Free audio program you will experience:

  • How to quickly get into the Present moment so you can stop feeling derailed by the past and everyone else’s agendas and focus your full energy and attention on what you choose
  • Potent yet simple energy tools to clear the mental clutter and feel lighter, calmer and more focused
  • Greater clarity, empowerment and courage that stems from reclaiming your “command center”

Meet Kumari— Energy Alchemist. Empathic Intuitive. Animal Mystic. Master Healer. EarthKeeper. Divine Wisdom channel. One internationally recognized spiritual mentor exclaimed “Kumari’s purpose is to Teach the Teachers Mastery; her Meditation Master described her extraordinary healing abilities as a “Golden Gift”.

Kumari lives in a world where communicating directly with Spirit realms, animals and all of nature is the norm. Her deepest joy is empowering others to experience that all of Creation is Conscious.

Kumari is the host of “Co-Creation Activations” on World Puja Network, the global leader in Empowerment radio. She is co-author of the bestselling book “Empowering Transformations for Women”, a critically acclaimed CD “Connecting with All Life” and numerous articles on healing, manifesting and intuitive development. Internationally recognized intuitive healer and spiritual leader, she facilitates teleseminars, playshops and retreats to reconnect with our natural healing, intuitive and manifesting abilities.

Happening Any Time from Your Home or Office!

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Kumari, thank you for helping me to remember to “embrace my Reiki!” Since you were at Market Street, I have seen some major changes & great results in a few horses & students. Working with this Reiki energy is truly remarkable.

I am extremely thankful for your teaching and sharing your gift with me.”

– Anne Kursinski, 5-time Olympic equestrian show jumper, trainer, author

“Kumari, you opened up a whole new world for me! Everything, I have wanted to achieve I have been able to finally! After many months of feeling stuck, I only completed 4 websites to generate income. Now in a few weeks, I completed 61 web sites! I am not sure I can ever give you enough credit or thank you enough for the changes I am feeling and experiencing in the very fabric of my being.”

– Shashi, Cyprus

“Kumari is absolutely wonderful. She has helped me move blocks in my business that have resulted in professional and business growth, as well as blocks that I had in my personal and spiritual development.

Kumari is a true gift to this world. Anyone that works with her will be incredibly blessed.”

– AmondaRose Igoe, CEO High Performance Speaking

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful healing sessions you have done with me. Very powerful. I believe the pain is only 1/100,000,000th what it would have been without your help. As well, I am filled with a newfound passion and commitment to my purpose on earth and my work. I feel better, more alive, focused and grounded. I am unblocked!! I believe I am now vibrating at a higher frequency where I create my reality with greater potency. I have noticed more synchronicity, inspiration and a higher psychic acuity. I thank you so much again. God Bless!

– Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn, Abundance

Dear, Brilliant, Kumari! It has been a wonderful day since we had our healing over Skype this morning. So much release of very old and deep wounds during our session – from the instant mutual recognition and understanding of massive ages of pain, to the magical down-pouring of cleansing, healing, balancing Light – to the gift of knowing and receiving my own healing spirit entities… it has been a totally transformational day.

When I went to my chiropractor later on this afternoon, he was amazed that my body had got to this stage of relaxation and healing so fast. He knows very little about your way of working but said that whatever it is, I need to be doing more of it! I would love to help extend your work to the world in whatever way possible.

– Sue Tsigaros, Executive Coach, Australia

“Kumari has an amazing gift, and I am blessed to have experienced her incredible healing energy in many facets of my life. Two years ago our company was going through a challenging time, and we needed to make some critical decisions to ensure that we could weather the storm. Kumari’s insights on a particular film project encouraged us to do whatever it took to stay the course.

P.S. The movie was “Avatar”… As a result, we have received world-wide recognition for our proprietary technology and the performance capture work that we did on the film. We have been able to translate this huge success into many more great film and video game opportunities since the film was released.”

– Candice Alger, CEO Giant Studios